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First Quarter 2019


Saving BeeGee

Every rescue has an origin story. BeeGee is ours. We were together as an informal group working to help animals in our community, in local rescues, and in underfunded shelters.

We formally formed our 501c3 in February 2018. Not long after, we learned that BeeGee, a dog we had walked, fed and played with at the shelter, was in jeopardy. BeeGee was developing 'shelter stress' from months of confinement.

This was our call to action. With the the help of many others, we got BeeGee into training at a very special boarding facility. After a few weeks of decompressing and re-learning manners, BeeGee was ready to transfer to a rescue that has a wonderful behaviorist on staff.

It takes a village.... Thank you, Team BeeGee: Highland County Humane Society, Augusta Dog Adoptions, Fredericksburg SPCA, SVASC and BeeGee's beloved mamas -- Lindsey, Moriah and Jean.

#adoptdontshop #savethemall #shelterdogs #rescue

Donate to help the next BeeGee here:

Our beloved BeeGee

Text beegee to 50155 to help BeeGee pay it forward for the next dog who needs our help.

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