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First Quarter 2019


Keeping senior pets out of the shelter

We met Lele and Pippy long before we were asked to help them in a major way. A local good Samaritan had taken them in when their original owner passed away. We stopped by to meet the girls and drop off some much-needed dog food. A little time passed and our good Samaritan had a major change in her life. She had to move and could not take Lele and Pippy with her. Angus was also living with her and could not move with her either. Lele, Pippy and Angus are senior dogs. Each had known and undiagnosed health problems (our good Samaritan didn't have the funds to take them to the vet). There was no way we were going to let them end up in the shelter!

Over the course of a week, we 'pulled' all three, got them into rescue, into loving foster homes and got them the vet care they needed thanks to partner Highland County Humane Society.

Today, all three are thriving. Lele and Angus have been adopted and Pippy is with a rescue organization that is helping her lose weight in preparation for adoption.

Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers. Without your help, Lele, Pippy and Angus would have been surrendered to the shelter and had very little chance to for a good future.

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