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First Quarter 2019


Holiday - The Memorial Day Kitten

Holiday's life started out a little rough. She was found on Memorial Day by a Good Samaritan -- in Kentucky. Lucky for her. She was all alone. Her mama and litter mates could not be found.

She was taken in, named Holiday, visited the vet and started her journey to Valley Rescue Allies (VRA) and Highland County Humane Society ( Miss Holiday had a looooong journey ahead of her. A VRA board member made the drive to transport Holiday to Harrisonburg, VA. VRA cashed in a couple of favors and got Holiday vet care on a Sunday. By Sunday evening, she was in a foster home with 4 other kittens to play with.

What is the value of one kitten's life? We can answer that -- she is worth a 1,000-mile plus round trip, a scramble in the pouring rain to get her to the vet, and one very special hand-made toy that pulled her out of her shell.

Help us help more kittens. Holiday never spent a moment in a shelter thanks to loving fosters. She got all the necessary vet care she needed, including being spayed. Holiday went from no future to being adopted by a loving family.

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